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Washington Post Editorial: Sour On The ‘Farmageddon’ Raw Milk Documentary

The Washington post ran this editorial by food safety consultant, Thomas L. Swartz, following the paper’s review of the anti-government movie, Farmageddon:

I cringed when I read your June 17 Weekend review of the documentary “Farmageddon,” which trivialized the 15 or more potentially deadly organisms that can be found in raw milk. This product is banned from interstate sales because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department agree that it is too risky to be consumed, especially by children.

Filmmaker Kristin Canty has a lot of gall to substitute her beliefs for the scientific expertise of food safety experts and disregard the deadly historical record of raw milk and raw milk products. The review also mentioned the mistaken idea that this product is “loaded with nutrients” when it is no more or less nutritious than properly pasteurized milk.

I hope that nobody dies or unduly suffers as a result of reading your review or watching this movie.

Real original editorial here.

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