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Washington: Lawsuit Filed In Cozy Vale Raw Milk Case

Dairy Herd Network reported on a lawsuit filed by the family of a five-year-old girl who got sick after drinking raw milk. According to KCPQ-TV in Seattle, Wash., the girl was one of three children who tested positive for E. coli after consuming raw milk products from Cozy Valley Creamery between August and November of last year. The girl reportedly spent more than a week in the hospital and needed a blood transfusion.

Washington State, where the girl’s family and the creamery are located, is among a handful of states that still allow raw milk to be sold commercially in a grocery store, according to the KCPQ-TV report.

That point is not lost upon William Marler, food safety attorney, who is representing the family of the five-year-old girl. Marler is calling on state health officials to look at whether raw milk sales in grocery stores should continue — in light of the increased risk, especially among children, for developing foodborne illinesses when drinking raw milk.

“People really assume when you go into a grocery store that they wouldn’t be selling it unless it was safe,” Marler says.

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