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UPDATED: 2010-2011 Table of Raw Milk Legislation

Visit Real Raw Milk Facts – Regulations to download the 2010-2011 Table of Raw Milk Legislation, United States. Click on bill links to view.

LocationBillDescriptionStatusU.S. CongressHR 1830Would authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.California (Humbolt County)O 512.4Citizen request to rescind County Ordinance banning raw milk salesRequest denied by Board of Supervisors (5-0)IowaHF 394Would allow sale of raw milk and raw milk products on the farm and by deliveryBill withdrawn from HouseMaineLD 366Clarifies that a license is not required of any person who produces and sells milk only on the premises of the producer and sellerAgriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee: Majority vote Ought Not to Pass (80-70); In SenateMassachusettsHO 1995Would allow a licensed dairy to deliver raw milk off the farmIn Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (hearing on June 14)MassachusettsH03273Would legalize cowsharesSame as HO 1995MinnesotaHF 255/SF 147Would allow delivery of raw milk off the farm and sale at farmers’ marketsIn Agriculture and Rural Development Policy and Finance Committee New Jersey A-743/ S-2702 Would allow on-farm sale of raw milk and raw milk products (e.g., yogurt, kefir, butter and cheese) by a licensed dairyAssembly bill passed (71-6); Referred to Senate Economic Growth CommitteeOregonHB 2222Would allow direct to consumer and retail sales of raw milkIn Agriculture and Natural Resources CommitteeTennesseeHB 0898/ SB 1639Clarifies current cowshare statute to include dairy products made from raw milkIn Agriculture Committee TexasHB 75/SB 237Would allow delivery of raw milk off the farm and sale at farmers’ marketsIn Public Health CommitteeVermontS 105“The Dairy Class” law would allow classes on how to make yogurt, cheese, and butter from raw milk; part of larger bill to make housekeeping changes to existing dairy law (Pages 15-16)Signed by Governor Shumlin on May 19, 2011WashingtonSB 5648Would allow on-farm sale of unlicensed, uninspected raw milk for dairies with no more than 2 cows, 9 goats, or 9 sheepIn Senate Agriculture & Rural Economic Development CommitteeWisconsinLRB 0306/SB 10B Would allow sale of raw milk by Grade A dairies and unlicensed, uninspected raw milk sales if fewer than 20 cowsIn Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education Committee (SB 306)WyomingHB 0017Would allow cowshares and goatsharesDefeated in Committee (6-3)

Real Life Dangers of Raw Milk

Several families offered to share their stories on video to help raise awareness about the potential risks and negative effects on health from drinking contaminated raw milk.

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