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Pennsylvania: Several People Sickened By Milk From Local Dairy

Jenny Wagner with the Beaver County Times reports about an investigation of rare yersiniosis illnesses linked to consumption of glass-bottled, pasteurized milk:

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A local dairy has voluntarily suspended its milk production while health officials investigate what caused five individuals to become sick after drinking glass-bottled milk from the business.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Agriculture and the Allegheny County Health Department are advising the public not to consume glass-bottled pasteurized milk produced by Brunton Dairy in Independence Township.

State health officials said three young children and two older adults developed diarrhea and other symptoms caused by a bacteria called Yersinia enterocolitica after drinking pasteurized milk in glass bottles from the dairy.

Herb Brunton, a partner in the family business, said the dairy is cooperating with the health department during the investigation.

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Read the Pennsylvania State Press release is available here.

Yersinia infections have been linked to milk in the past as shown in this table.

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