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Knox Co. farm raided after several children sickened with E. coli



6 News Reporter

MASCOT (WATE) - Deputies and Health Department workers swarmed a Knox County dairy farm Thursday after health officials say several children were sickened with E. coli.

The owner of McBee Dairy Farm on Strong Road in Mascot says she warns all her customers about the risk. Tennesseans can legally drink raw milk if they own the cow and McBee Dairy Farm is a privately owned cow-share operation.

Patrol cars lined the farm's driveway Thursday as investigators collected samples from the cattle and their milk, trying to find where the E. coli outbreak came from.

"We were aware of it and our customers have all been made aware of it several times," said owner Marcie McBee.

No one can purchase raw cow or goat milk from the farm after a cease and desist order was issued.

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