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Judge Denies Raw Milk Activist’s Motion

David Gumpert of The Complete Patient summarizes a recent federal court decision relating to the Amish farmer who is accused of violating the interstate ban on shipment of raw milk.

Read the whole motion here (pdf).

The federal judge hearing the government case to prevent Amish farmer Daniel Allgyer from shipping raw milk to members of a Maryland food club has issued his first ruling, and initial thoughts on the case.

The judge states: “The tangential issues raised in his motion include: whether raw milk is a health risk to the public and whether raw milk has caused epidemics; whether Mr. Vonderplanitz and the entities he attempted to represent were within the jurisdiction of the United States,… whether pasteurized milk is dangerous and whether pasteurized milk has caused epidemics; whether FDA investigators committed perjury and fraud by stating the raw milk was sold even though they were aware of the contracts which provided the members owned the dairy; and whether the Government should be enjoined from ‘continuing to propagandize the myth, unscientific rhetoric, that claims and declares that raw . . . milk and dairy are dangerous to health and life . . . ‘ The main issue in this case is whether Daniel Allgyer is in violation of federal law.”

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