Real Raw Milk Facts


Raw Milk Laws & Regulations

Retail Sale of Raw Milk Allowed? No
Other Sale of Raw Milk Allowed? The sale of raw milk cheese properly processed and aged according to Federal requirements is legal.

The sale of raw milk for animal consumption is legal if the distributor is licensed under the commercial feed laws. The Georgia Department of Agriculture currently has several distributors of raw goat milk for pet food under license.

Citations Georgia Code: Title 26 Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, Chapter 2. Standards, labeling, and adulteration of food. Article 7: Milk and milk products.
Requirements N/A

Raw Milk Bill & Legislation

2013-2014 Regular Session
Bill Description Status
GA H 718 Relates to milk and milk products; allows the sale of raw milk to consumers; provides for related matters; repeals conflicting laws. In House: Read 2nd Time on 1/15/2014

Real Life Dangers of Raw Milk

Several families offered to share their stories on video to help raise awareness about the potential risks and negative effects on health from drinking contaminated raw milk.

Real Life Stories